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Customized media lists + pitch templates in just four easy steps.

Step One: Introduce Yourself

Simply fill in the details of your campaign below. Let us know what kind of publications you’re looking to target, and a simple overview of your project.

Step Two: Get a Quote

After learning more – we will contact you with custom pricing information, as well as a plan that’s customized for your goals. (As simple or as complex as they may be).

Step Three: Recieve Your Products

We will deliver an agreed upon amount of media contacts as well as pitch templates so you can fully take control of your outreach and campaign.

Step Four: Implement Your Campaign

Utilize your new list of media contacts and customized pitches to properly tell your story. And feel free to come back to us for your next campaign!

Let’s get started!


Answer the questions below and we will be in touch about developing your own custom media list and pitch template for your next campaign. Don’t feel the need to explain everything via the contact form – we will be in touch via email soon! Looking forward to working together.

Still have questions? Catch the brief FAQ at the bottom of the page for more!

Starting The Conversation:

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A Few Brief FAQs

So, What’s this all about?

We want to simplify the PR process by creating unique media lists and pitches for your upcoming campaign. This could be for the company with the in-house PR team who needs a quick list built, or even the publicist looking to add to their database. Either way – we deliver quality media lists and customized pitches for your latest project.

What’s your pricing structure?

Since our services are 100% customized from client to client – our pricing structures are customized, too. For instance, a client that’s launching a new gaming app will have different needs, list depth, and pitches from a client that’s opening a new restaurant in Springfield, Missouri. While we can discuss the best pricing and packages for you – our basic packages can start as low as $250.

What makes your media lists and pitches so unique?

What makes us different is our strategy. We aren’t just sending you a list of names and emails – or cut and paste stock pitches. We find writers that have recently covered similar topics, and we target outlets and reporters who are genuinely interested in hearing from you. As publicists and writers ourselves, we also understand what it takes to nudge a reporter to open the email, and hit that reply button.